Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wal-Mart clinics

I've apologized countless times for not updating more frequently, yet I continue to be lazy. I can't really explain it. I really promise this time I'll try harder. I'm working nights now, and assuming people aren't dying I may have a chance to blog a little more often.

The topic I want to discuss tonight is the degredation of my hospitals values. Now you may say Rob Rob the party slob; Every hospital is losing their values, it's just the line of work you're in buddy. There's only so much you can do. I however, still believe in the off chance that some health systems maintain their integrity.

Recently the lab had a town hall meeting with our VP to discuss upcoming events in the hospital, more often than not it's a big pat on the back to administration and a "look at how wonderful we are" meeting. They also need to remind us every so often that two years ago we were the number 1 integrated health system in America and last year we were number 3 so we need to work harder so they can get their bonus checks. For the most part this one was no different, They discussed all the new building projects, and of course how wonderful our new 100 million dollar facility is. Then they dropped a bomb.

We're teaming up with Wal-Mart to open up several clinics inside supercenters, kinda like the fast-food of health care. Where a patient will come in a complain about something random and another even more random PA or nurse practitioner will write a script and send them on their merry way to an oh so conviently located Wal-Mart pharmacy.

I know most of you already realize several of these have already popped up with Wal-Mart's around Atlanta being the most recognizable of these. I guess I really believed that my hospital was above all of this. For the longest time we had our true mission statement on the reverse of our ID badges to remind us that we're here for the sick and the poor, especially the poor.

The Good sisters that opened the hospital have to be turning over in their graves. This might be the final straw for me. In no way shape or form can I justify opening a fast-food health box in Wal-Mart. It goes against everything our values as an organization used to stand for.

After the sister's turned control over to a board, this place hasn't been the same. We've lost touch with our identity. Recently, We've changed our policies on forgiving the debts of the poor. Instead of understanding our function as a not for profit organization that was built to help the poor and the sick, We've become driven by the almighty dollar, just like everyone else. I guess this proves no one is above the influence of Money. We employ laywers and debt collecters to collect money from people that may not know where their next meal is coming from. citing they give money to the free clinic. I understand you need money to continue to operate, and to pay you'r employess, you don't need to build a 100 million dollar facility with plans to build two more just like it at the expense of losing your identity. and now, of course we've partnered with the devil himself, Wal-Mart.
It might be time for a change for me.