Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What not to say to women

I've had my ups and downs with women. While I was in the army I was hot. I'm not being conceited but I was ripped and I basically could have any girl I wanted. Well at least that's what I thought.

I think the fondest memories I have in my entire life are probably the time I spent in D.C. doing my clinicals at Walter Reed. Everything seemed to go exactly as planned. I was happy and healthy and always entertained. I met a girl her name was heather. We had the perfect relationship. We basically spent the entire weekend together, never saw one another during the week and always had a good time. What made it even more perfect was that neither of us wanted to label the relationship. We were in sort of a limbo. I could date other people freely, as could she, but we were always a priority for one another. Everything was perfect. Until one day.

*I'd like to donate the following conversation to VH1's "The pickup artist" as something you shouldn't say.

Her: Hey I wanna talk, got a minute?

ME: Sure What's up?

Her: I've been thinking alot lately and I feel the need to tell you something.
I think I love you
Me: That's nice. I really like you. I bet we feel the same way about one another but I think I just hold the word love in higher esteem than you. I really care alot about you but I can't say I love you.

Her: silence... Ummm I meant I loved you as a friend.

The damage that I did here was two fold. First I told her I didn't care about her as much as she seemed to care about me. Which after alot of thought ended up being a bold faced lie on my part. I probably did love her. I just loved my freedom alot more. I got greedy thinking I could have any girl I wanted. The second Jab came by me basically telling her she didn't know her own emotions how can I quantify her feelings? Basically what I said was stupid. I wish I could take it back but I can't. I hurt someone I really did care about just so I could look cool and keep dating other people when in reality I didn't want to date anyone else. Nothing would have changed we already had a great physical and emotional connection. Oh well what can ya do.

We made a vain attempt at a friendship but it didn't last long. I made one last failed attempt to make it right but in doing so I just made it more clear what an ass I was. She was scheduled to go out with another guy that weekend but cancelled for me. He was a good guy who really deserved a good girl like her and vice versa not an asshole like me. I scheduled a trip to mount vernon in D.C. and then dinner and theatre tickets. The dinner ended up being a little more romantic than I had anticipated. All I could do is keep reminding her that we're just here as friends, and say I'm sorry everything about everything I didn't mean to make it look like I was trying to win your affection back. When in reality that all either of us wanted.


karla said...

She made a mistake by throwing that "I love you" to you out of the blue. A declaration like that should come more naturally, not in a "Hey, I have something to tell you" chatty way.

But yeah, your response back was the verbal equivalent of a knee to the groin. I mean, you know, if a knee to the groin could hurt a girl. Yow.

SCOTT said...

A "me too" would have been great here. Yet I feel the blame goes to her on the grounds of "can we talk". Horseshit! If you two were just going to town that is in the real of girlfriend talk. Women just don't say that crap. That staetment is always followed by some strange rambaling that losses us half way through. The i think i love you is to see your reaction. He backlash from your retorte was backpeddling. God if it wasn't for sex all men would be gay(without the felatio)! I'd much chill with my boys than have to talk about puppie dogs, feelings and "does this make me look fat". And ladies never ask a man his opion on clothing 60% of men are in some form color blind. xoxo scott w.

Anonymous said...

They just don't know when to shut the f---up.
Most of what they say to one another is bulls hit and meaningless. I know...the only man in an entire office.

PMS, Menapause, estrogen filled rants...they are angry and posses off at life because either their husbands dont want to get near them (like I blame these sorry ducked who have to go home to ome of theas nutjobs), or its a young woman who is angry at the world.

The worst scenario...working around all women

Gentlemen, my advice, if you are in a similar situation ....look to move on to another job and as soon as possible...get the hell out of their!