Friday, September 28, 2007

Continuity of back woods thoughts.

Anyone who knows me or even reads my blog knows that I'm not exactly a sensitive guy. It's just not me. I have no problem with attacking someone's deficiencies but I think it's wrong to group an entire race, creed, or anything else. Anytime I give someone shit or attack them it's purely for behavioral or work ethic deficiencies.

PTBG girl decided to use the term "Indian giver" several times last night and when I tried to correct her, she just didn't get why it could possibly be bad. Here's why; you're associating negative connotations with an entire group of people, Native americans, Indians, or whatever we're calling them these days for the sake of political correctness.

I tried to compare "indian giver" with "nigger rigged" to make my point. She just didn't seem to get it. It doesn't matter what race you're associating with negative ideas, it's still wrong. "It's not even close to the same thing" says PTBG. It's exactly the same thing. Just like V over at violent acres points out, while I may not be offended by any of the terms myself I'm still able to recognize that's they're unprofessional at work. The things you do, and the shit you teach your children at home are you're own business. Just don't bring that crap to work.

I think the part that really pisses me off, is that any time I visit friends in large cities there's a thought that I'm "back woods" with stupid ass ideas about race and they way the world works. Because of idiots like PTBG anyone born in a small town in missouri is going to be considered a back woods hill-billy. I'm well educated and professional. I'm tired of having to deal with small town back woods idiots that think it's okay to say things like "indian giver" or "nigger rigged" or "porch monkey".

It's time to move back to the big city. Except this time I have a little ball and chain keeping me from moving how and when I want. Damned kids, That little shit better realize how lucky he is that I love him so much. .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gallup pole

For those of you in the medical field you know what these gallup poles are. For the rest of you, it's basically just a survey about how you feel about your work environment. It's pretty damned cheesy and a waste of time.

I thought I'd give you a couple of examples of the questions that were asked most of which were areas we performed poorly in.

1. I have a best friend at work

This has to be a joke. What's weird is that my particular area scored well below the hospital's average for this question. I guess we really do hate each other. The last time I checked you're at work to work not to make "best friends". While I understand the value of being cordial it's stupid to think you'd have a "best friend at work

Our average 3.29 out of 5
Hospital average 3.92 out of five

2. In the last seven days I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.

Again we're at work to work not to coddle each other. Jesus fucking Christ, if you need a pat on the back every time you take a shit find a new line of work, you work at a hospital where one mistake can and will get you fired. Just be glad you still have a job.

Our average 2.79
Hospital average 3.75

3. My supervisor or someone at work seems to care about me as a person.

The last time I checked it wasn't my supervisor's job to make sure I'm cared about. My supervisors do a good job of making sure I have the shit I need to do my job and they always have my schedule out weeks in advance what more can you ask for. I don't care about them as a person. Why should they care about me.

4. At work my opinions seem to count.

Why the fuck does everyone need so much coddling? The last time I checked there were people who were paid to think, and people who were paid to "DO". Leave it at that. Quit thinking you're more important than you are. You're not gonna cure AIDS so shut the fuck up.

Our average 3.07
Hospital Average 3.68

I'm sick and fucking tired of being told I have to be sensitive and care about people's feelings at work. If you do good work I won't chastise you. If you're lazy stupid or slow. I'm going to give you so much shit you'll want to kill yourself.

One last side rant:
Don't ever tell me how to raise my kid. I had my 7 month old come visit me for lunch. I came back with a banana stain on my scrubs because I was holding him and feeding him. Piddler decides to give me a lecture about how gross it was and that she thought my little boy would catch something. Guess what bitch, it helps him to build immunities. The last time I checked I didn't have a little pimply faced allergic to everything in the world little ass wipe of a kid. Don't give me advice about how I take care of my child when you haven't won any mother of the year awards. Need I remind you, you're the same stupid bitch who came to work for a party on your day off with your kids and basically let them run free in the lab and asked someone to watch them while you ran to get some ice? Now that's bad parenting, not feeding my kid with my scrubs on.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new findings

In my constant quest for entertainment I've found a new blog that I'm in love with. I can't describe why but it's the first time in a long time I've gone through all the archives of a blog and read them all in one night the new blog is there's a link on my blog roll... enjoy

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm no better

I finally have to admit that I'm no better than my co-workers, the people I complain about day in and day out. I wish you understood how hard that was to write. I've seriously contemplated not writing this, as there are a few people that I work with that read my blog.

I was in a hurry about a week ago processing specimins, not being as careful as I know I need to be. One of my co-workers put about ten specimin in my area so that I could process them to be sent off. Nine of them were for a little boy with the last name of Jones. The other was for a little boy named James. Alot of tests have the same specimin requriments so I was hastily pouring off serum and plasma into the appropriate tubes to be sent off when I realized that I had the requisitions and blood for two different patients

I'd like to say for sure that I know I sent the right blood with the right patient. But I don't know for sure. The appropriate course of action in the case would have been to fess up and deal with the Dr. or nurse after telling him I may have screwed up. Instead I said nothing. I don't know why. This is probably the only time in my life I've not done the ethical thing.

My best hope now is that both of these specimin either come up positive or negative, preferrably negative. If one is pos and the other is neg I'll probably have to come clean and lose my job. I don't think I could live with myself if a little boy was misdiagnosed because of something I did. What if the little boy with celiac disease goes untreated becuase I screwed up. What if the other has to take unneccesary medication because of me. Please oh please let both results be negative

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why it's hard to get anything done

I get this memo from the lab director yesterday and I'm still not sure what to think of it. The gist of it is that in sept of 08 they want to standardize the color of scrubs in each department. In and of itself it doesn't seem too ridiculous but the way it's being handled and the reasons for change are a little silly

Let me give you a little background information the reason we need to standardize our scrubs is that, suppossedly, patients have been complaining that they can't distinguish the professional staff from the houskeepers or maintinence. I don't buy that for a second.

Point A Houskeepers wear maroon scrubs while the professional staff can wear any colored scrub they'd like

Point B the maintaince staff wears civilian clothing

Point c we're required to wear our name badges at all times if you can't read my namebadge natural selection should be allowed to take over and you don't deserve care (just a joke, sorta)

While changing the color of your scrubs isn't really a big deal it just doesn't seem fair that I should have to buy all new uniforms for work When the hospital is the one mandating that I need new ones. The army mandateded that I needed new uniforms so they gave me a clothing allowance the same should be true for any job. If we have enough money to start a 500 million dollar construction project we have enough money to provide scrubs.

The money isn't my only issue, we've actually been told not to go purchase new scrubs. The reason? Administration will mandate the color for the nursing staff first then department heads can select any other colors. If you remember they don't plan to initiate this for another entire year. It's going to take them a year to decide wheter the nurses should wear light blue or Navy blue. I'm not joking, I'm not exaggerating, I'm not leaving out precious details. I'm 100% serious that it is going to take a year to decide What color the nurses should wear. I don't remember signing up to work for the federal goverment again. It looks like they're taking their business model. I guess it's always nice to know you work for a well oiled machine

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why I hate working with women

I want, more than anything, to be able to tell you I'm not sexist. In reality it's just not true. I have a problem with female authority. I also have a problem working effectively with women. This isn't a decision I've made, it's just kind of happened. Every conflict I've ever had at work have been with women. From the Army until the present. Every female I worked with or for in the Army seemed to be extra bitchy as if they had something to prove. Every female I've worked with in the civilian seems to be extra sensitive. I haven't figured out which I think is more annoying. I'm not trying to come off as though I hate women because it's not true. I like to date strong intellegent women. I just can't seem to work with them.

I bring this is up because last night was a perfect demonstration in why I can't work with women. We had a female specimin courier come into the lab and the first thing she said was I need to speak to the boss. That in and of it's self pissed me off. I thought to myself "Who the fuck are you". Her problem ended up being pretty trivial but since she wanted to talk to the boss, by God I was going to let her. I guess I should remind you that it's been about three months now and I still don't have a direct supervisor so all the problems we have on our shift go to another department's shift supervisor. Brilliant I know. This shift supervisor also happens to be a woman but had no idea how to solve this problem. Naturally both of them are both freaked out. you wanna know what about? A specimin got sent to us from another hospital on the wrong requisition. Here's a thought. I bet that hospital doesn't have our specific requisition because it's a different hospital.

I guess the part that really pissed me off is that the shift supervisor refused to accept the fact that she didn't know what she was doing, that three other women from my department have zero problem solving skills and that this courier made a huge problem out of something that wasn't a big deal. If she had just done her job and left the specimin the way it was, everything would have been fine. One of the women in my department would have come to me and asked if I knew what to do with it and I would have told them how to solve the problem in about three seconds. Instead there were five women standing around doing absoloutley nothing. Freaking out about something simple. making about 30 phone calls. I still don't know what they were trying to figure out. They were seriously standing around for 20 minutes.

My sexist half comes out in situations like this. Men are not indecisive. I understand that sometimes that can be a fault but in most situations I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's a asset. I have a pretty old school work ethic. I think you're stealing from a company if you're standing around doing nothing. I think you need to do, not plan unless your job is to be a planner, I gaurentee no one I work with would ever be hired to be a planner. I hate being at work thinking I'm constantly cleaning up other people's messes. I admit if I knew what to do with this problem I should have stepped in said something. I just had to let it play out. Otherwise what would I have to write about? Have I mentioned how much I hate my job?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What not to say to women

I've had my ups and downs with women. While I was in the army I was hot. I'm not being conceited but I was ripped and I basically could have any girl I wanted. Well at least that's what I thought.

I think the fondest memories I have in my entire life are probably the time I spent in D.C. doing my clinicals at Walter Reed. Everything seemed to go exactly as planned. I was happy and healthy and always entertained. I met a girl her name was heather. We had the perfect relationship. We basically spent the entire weekend together, never saw one another during the week and always had a good time. What made it even more perfect was that neither of us wanted to label the relationship. We were in sort of a limbo. I could date other people freely, as could she, but we were always a priority for one another. Everything was perfect. Until one day.

*I'd like to donate the following conversation to VH1's "The pickup artist" as something you shouldn't say.

Her: Hey I wanna talk, got a minute?

ME: Sure What's up?

Her: I've been thinking alot lately and I feel the need to tell you something.
I think I love you
Me: That's nice. I really like you. I bet we feel the same way about one another but I think I just hold the word love in higher esteem than you. I really care alot about you but I can't say I love you.

Her: silence... Ummm I meant I loved you as a friend.

The damage that I did here was two fold. First I told her I didn't care about her as much as she seemed to care about me. Which after alot of thought ended up being a bold faced lie on my part. I probably did love her. I just loved my freedom alot more. I got greedy thinking I could have any girl I wanted. The second Jab came by me basically telling her she didn't know her own emotions how can I quantify her feelings? Basically what I said was stupid. I wish I could take it back but I can't. I hurt someone I really did care about just so I could look cool and keep dating other people when in reality I didn't want to date anyone else. Nothing would have changed we already had a great physical and emotional connection. Oh well what can ya do.

We made a vain attempt at a friendship but it didn't last long. I made one last failed attempt to make it right but in doing so I just made it more clear what an ass I was. She was scheduled to go out with another guy that weekend but cancelled for me. He was a good guy who really deserved a good girl like her and vice versa not an asshole like me. I scheduled a trip to mount vernon in D.C. and then dinner and theatre tickets. The dinner ended up being a little more romantic than I had anticipated. All I could do is keep reminding her that we're just here as friends, and say I'm sorry everything about everything I didn't mean to make it look like I was trying to win your affection back. When in reality that all either of us wanted.

I want to be your hero

I pretty much have the worst hero complex in history. If you don't know what that is, it's basically wishing harm on others so that you have an opportunity to be a "hero". yeah it's fucked up, I know. I don't know how to explain it and I really don't know where it stems from

I was in Iraq and I thought surely I'd have an opportunity to fulfill these messed up fantasies, but no. I was stationed at a hospital as a lab tech. Absolutely no opportunity to be a hero. I did my part though, I went on medevacs as the medic just to have an opportunity to be a hero. Mind you I was grossly under-qualified to be doing this. It didn't matter to me though, I didn't care if someone would be hurt because I wasn't up to par on my life saving skills. After-all all the command really cared about was having a warm body there to say they sent someone in the unfortunate case one of my fellow soldiers would die. I did my fair share of breaking ribs during CPR, but I can't say I was responsible for actually saving anyone's life.

I don't want people to think I'm too twisted, I don't ever wish harm upon the people I love for these opportunites, but I do sometimes wish I could pass a horrific car accident and save everyone involved. I want to drag people out of a burning car or building. I want to be in the newspaper with a big headline. I want everyone to say how brave and wonderful I am. I want everyone to shower praise on me. No way I'm being an anonymous hero. What's the point in having a hero complex if people don't know how great you were.

before people get all judgmental about it, don't pretend you haven't had some delusions of grandeur. Don't pretend you haven't said I want to be famous and loved by everyone. you know you have. The only difference is you want to be famous for acting or singing or for most people with blogs, writing and I want to be famous for being a hero. An all american man who braved the dangers of every situation to ensure other people were safe. When I say it like that it doesn't sound so crazy. Maybe that's how I should it to my non-existant therapist.

I think this complex may be why I always stop to help stranded old ladies. It's the same reason I'm always looking to help people in any way I can. I guess that means it's not all bad, right? If I complex leads you to do something good for other people is it really a complex. I'm not mentally ill right?

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Are hot girls the only one's to get raped? I know this seems like an odd question but it's something that ran through my mind last night. I realize that the "experts" say rape is an exercise in power and rarely has anything to do with sex, but honestly, If I were to rape a girl I think I'd want her to be hot. Why ruine my exercise in power by raping an ugly girl.

This thought came to me after a conversation I had at work.

Piddler: "T and I Are going to the mental ward to pick up a urine specimin."

Me: "Since when does it take two people to walk over there? do you need to hold each other's hand?"

Piddler: "We can't go out by ourselves since someone got jumped in the parking lot last year, there was a work memo"

Me: "That's what the tunnel is for" side note; the building they were going to was less than 100 yards away from the main hospital

Piddler: "That takes too long"

At this point in the conversation I gave up on trying to rationalize. But if I were to have made points this is what they'd be

1. The building is 100 yards away in a lit parking lot
2. If you feel uncomfortable going out by yourself after dark we have an locked underground tunnel system
3. Neither of you are worth raping.

I know that last one seems a bit harsh, maybe I can clarify a bit. I guess what I mean is if I were to abduct and rape someone is sure as hell better be worth my time. Neither of these women are what you'd call ugly but they're sure as hell not what you'd call hot either. Definitely not worth going to jail for an extended period of time.

I guess I've kinda gotten away from the original question though. Are hot girls the only one's that get raped? Are all rapists mental cases that attack with seemingly no rhyme or reason? or do they think it out enough to say; Hey if I'm going to jail she'd better be hot?

I think I'm just sick and tired of working with women it's so damned frustrating. Also I miss the army. There is none of this male-female bullshit. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier they all get the same shit details and they all do tasks just becasue they've been told to do so.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A remix

this is one of my earliest posts that I don't think enough people got to read so I'm reposting it. It's my view on racism

This has pissed me off for a long while. The world is entirely too sensitive. While I understand that there are real issues with racism in the world and that some people honestly have been oppressed, ya know what?... The worst of it was 200 years ago. GET OVER IT! I don't mean to sound insensitive, but I'm tired of not being able to be critical of anyone of a different skin color. Just because I'm a white male I'm evidently incapable of of disliking someone because of anything other than race, sex or anything else that may make you a minority. here's a thought maybe I don't like you because your annoying or your personality disgusts me. I'm tired of having to be overly sensitive because of crap I had nothing to do with. I definitely believe that you're a product of your environment and that poverty has more to do with "disadvantages" that most minorities claim to have. Well guess what, I didn't have it any better. everything I have (which isn't much) I worked for. I served my country and didn't get the benefit of scholarships because of the color of my skin or my gender or anything else that I couldn't control. This little rant has been because of something that happened at work. There is an asian chick at work who is pretty much the most annoying person I've ever met.I won't go into any details but basically we had an issue with miscommunication. This reminds me of one more tangent I have to go off on. If you can't communicate effectively in the language of the area you live in... don't take a job where it's of the utmost importance that people understand exactly what you're saying. Alright back to the story. So this lady and I have this conversation

her: so you mean "this"

me: no I mean exactly what I said

her: so you mean "this"

me: NO! I mean exactly what I said

this went on for about five minutes when i was super busy. basically I ended it by saying What the fuck is your problem. She's one of those people who want to be right about something dumb just for the sake of being right. The whole situation is obviously my fault. here's a thought if someone knows English better than you, He probably knows exactly what the fuck he just said.. Ala me in this situation... The next day I was in my bosses' office being written up for "not respecting the cultural differences of other people" It kinda pisses me off I don't hate her because she's a woman or asian, I hate her because she annoys the shit out of me, constantly mixes viatnamese with her english, and generally doesn't communicate effectively... Please world... understand I don't hate you because of differences you can't control I hate you because you annoy the piss out of me.. and you CAN control that!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A few observations

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, for the few who care. Things have been kinda rough at home for me. The girlfriend and I haven't been seeing eye to eye on many things and everything seems like it's ready to be a fight at any moment. Have you ever felt like you give everything of yourself and there's nothing really left to give? I feel like that all the time. At least I have my little boy to cheer me up.

Anyway, enough of that pouty boo-hoo crap. As I'm sure you've all heard, a McDonald's employee in GA has been arrested, basically for making a cop's burger too salty. If you haven't heard this you need to spread this story. Copy and paste this link since I'm still too dumb to figure out how to embed links.

Have you read it. Okay, Good. Can you say WTF? Can we all collectively say abuse of power? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's fucking SALT people. There are probably 10 cases in the last century of hypernatremia (too much salt in your system) causing any serious ill effects in people. There is no way in hell That if you ate an entire salt block anything would even happen to you. It's just some cop thinking they're Too important, that how dare you try to poison him with salt. I really can't even collect a decent thought for this. I just don't get how his supervisors and a judge could ever think that it would be okay to jail a 20 year old woman (who's life is obviously not on track if she's working at McDonald's) for making a hamburger that was too salty.

Believe it or not I buy her story that she just spilled salt or whatever seasonings they use on the meat and served it anyway. Alot of us at some point have worked in a restaurant whether it be five star or McDonald's, managers will do anything and everything to lower food costs and salvage any scrap of food they can. It's not her fault it's McDonald's fault for putting her in that situation. Oh and the Petty narcissistic police officer.

Topic number two; Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my job, NO? you must not have read much of my blog. I've come to terms with the fact that I work with lazy old women that I have nothing in common with, and who are waaaayyyy too secure in their jobs. What I can't handle is being given two days off for the birth of my child and being denied a third day, When ptbg is allowed to take a week for a cruise while we are three people short and another co worker is about to leave to have surgery which will put her out of commission for about six weeks. Maybe I'm just not as good or valued as I thought I was. I'm disgusted by the fact that my bosses have no spine when they talk to minorities or women, I don't know what they're afraid of. The last time I checked you're not entitled to vacations, unless you'd like them to be permanent. Do I just have a view of the world that is too idealistic? Do I honestly believe life is fair? Who knows, but please please please let Karma exist. One more thing God, Could you please find two competent people to replace me so I can move to another department where I get to work by myself. (That would be the microbiology department in my lab). I was granted a transfer but they've been dragging their feet. They haven't even hired anyone and I don't get to leave until two people have been hired they're fully trained. Turns out they've finally realized I do the work of two people around here, well not really, they'd just rather have two part timers than one full timer.

One more thing. I had a buddy tell me that he got pulled over for speeding on a bicycle the other day. How the hell does this happen. Is he bullshitting me or can this really happen. he said he got caught for doing 25 in a 15 can a bike even go that fast? One more example of how our men in blue are keeping us safe. Way to use your better judgement guys.