Monday, August 25, 2008

Yeah, I know I'm a stud

The wife and I took our little boy to the Dr. for his 18 month check up recently. I've officially given up on the idea of him having any athletic prowess. He's in the 80th percentile for height the 20th percentile for weight and the 99th percentile for head circumference.

What this means is that he's going to be a tall skinny bobble head. It's pretty unfortunate. I reserved some hope that maybe he'll be smart with that huge head of his. So far, it's not looking so good. The Dr. says he should be able to say about fifty words. We're lucky if he knows ten. He knows alot of baby sign language but evidently that means squat.

Anyway, The real reason I felt a need to post today, was because I stumbled upon some very interesting news. I was looking up a story on Cael Sanderson, mostly I was trying to figure out why he wasn't wrestling in these Olympics. What I came across was a list of Olympians that had something in common with Cael.

I came across a familiar face. A female basketball player from another country. We met while I was in Texas and she was on scholarship to play basketball, What's significant about this chance encounter, is that I've never been able to claim meeting a celebrity. While she's a small scale celebrity (she also plays professional basketball in Australia) She is a celebrity, and one I've hooked up with, which makes it a little extra special.

When my friends discuss their chance meeting with celebrities, I've always had to shut up and listen. Now, I'm able to rehash my own story, one where I hooked up with said female, and just to make things more interesting, I even hooked up with her Brazilian roommate. It was fabulous. I sure feel studly right now. I hooked up with an Olympian.

Anyway, I live a pretty boring life I'm married with a kid and work in a job where I do the same thing over and over. It's important for me to be able to relive these memories so that I can remind myself that I really used to be cool. I swear.