Friday, March 13, 2009

My boss just doesn't get it

There are a few basic rules of leadership that apply no matter what role you're in, one of those basic rules of leadership is that you praise in public and discipline in private. Evidently my boss thinks it should be the opposite way.

When we have computer downtime in my lab it's really only a partial downtime, as our reporting systems still work, so we're able to still print out results and send them to floors. Most people were evidently printing out results from analyzers which tend to be a little difficult to read and just delays patient care. A nurse of doctor shouldn't have to calls us to interpret results. However, our system will print a nice tidy report and we mail to our outpatient providers, for some reason, I was the only person to ever print this report off to send to floors. My boss happened to be looking over my shoulder and saw me doing it this way and got super excited and said; "Boy am I glad I saw you doing that." Everyone else gave me a quick pat on the back and went back to work. One co-worker said good thing we have Rob around he's the only one that ever seems to know stuff like this. Her response was "well I'm just glad I saw him doing it so I could tell all of you, and the only reason he knows it is because he used to work in client services.

The comment didn't really bother me till I thought about the fact that she was publicly degrading me, when she is terrible at her job. Oh well, so she degraded me in public. The weird part of all this is a conversation that I had with the supervisor of a different department last night. I was chatting with her about our new method of autoadsorption and one thing led to another and evidently, She was chatting with my boss and my name came up and said "He's pretty much the only one that knows anything around here." WTF??? So I'm an idiot in public and great in private.... I can't wait for my next evaluation... ha.... dumb bitch.