Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lack of professionalism

I get more and more irriated by the general lack of professionalism that is displayed in hospitals. It's a bit silly really, I understand wanted to like you're coworkers and wanting to be friendly and jovial, but if I hear "Oh thanks honey/sweetie" one more freaking time I'm going to flip the eff out.

The weird part of the lack of professionalism in a hospital is the fact that it occurs on both ends of the spectrum. You'll hear someone yell and scream and cuss you out, which wouldn't be acceptable anywhere else, and you'll also see someone get waaaayyy too involved in your personal life, of touch you when they're talking to you, or call you honey or sweetie. Either way you slice it, it's not cool.

I realize that from a nursing point of view, the overly nice act comes from having to do patient/pallative care, but frankly no one will take you seriously when you're fake. Believe me, we all know you're being fake, and it pisses me off. Then again, anymore, what doesn't piss me off. I need to find a new career.