Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who do i get to shit on?

There seems to be a natural progression in a hospital, Patients try to shit on doctors. In turn, they shit on nurses, and nurses shit on the Lab, My question to you, is; who exactly do I get to shit on?

The lab, like everything else in a hospital is starting to have more and more defined customer service roles. And it's starting to piss me off. The lab has started to publicize their desire to become more customer service oriented. We have posters up all over the place about how to perform better customer service. One of our catch phrases is "You're right, we'll do better next time." UMMM, not cool.

I've learned that this phrase can help me, you'll learn how at the end of the post.

I had a situation tonight when I walked into the blood bank. On the previous shift there was some miscommunication about some FFP. The med tech on the second shift wanted to clear it up before he left and called to see if the patient was still going to need the FFP that was ordered 4 hours previous. She stated she never recieved a call saying it was ready, and never got an order from a Doc. This is happening more and more, docs are now ordering their own labs and may not communicate certain orders to the nurses. Anyway, she said she'd call back.

She calls back after shift change for us, and I was expecting a pretty simple, yes he needs it, or a no, he doesn't need it answer. Instead, I got a 10 minute lecture.
Mrs supersleuth had found the problem. She said one of our techs had called down and told the CNA that blood was ready, The Nurse then decided that because the patient's HGB was 13 that it must have been an on hold order, even though there was no type and screen done. She also decided to try and lecture me and tell me that there was a difference between blood and FFP and that we needed to differentiate. Just as a point of reference. I'm going to assume that a Medical technologist with a specialty in blood banking that has worked here 20 plus years, realizes the difference and probably said the right thing. It's pretty reasonable that cna and her six weeks of training was the one that didn't differentiate. Either way, don't call down asking me if I realize there is a difference between blood and FFP. That kind of arrogance pisses me off. She continued on by saying BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, or something like that.

Evidently she wasn't done bitching. At the end of all of it. She wanted to know why there was an order that was canceled in the computer and why did it say she canceled it? Shit lady, I have zero Idea. point 1. We don't use the same computer system you do. Point 2. We're not the IT department. It's amazing what people think the lab takes care of or more correctly, what is the labs fault. At any rate. I gave her the best possible customer service by only making one remark about the fact I was sure our med tech's no the difference between ffp and blood. and the promptly saying, you're right, we'll do better next time. and hanging up.

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