Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cryo, and what it looks like

I took a pretty funny phone call in blood bank last night, it went a little something like this.

Nurse: Ummm, hi this is nurse blobity blob, I just came and picked up some cryo for this patient and it looks like it has a clot in it, there's this goopy white stuff in the bottom, I'm going to need you to set up some more.

Me: ummm, no it's not a clot. That's the actual cryo. The patient, considering her fibrinogen was ridiculously low, needs that "goopy white stuff."

Nurse: No, it's definitely a clot, I've been a nurse for 15 years and I know what a clot is.

Me: Well, you must not be a very good nurse if you don't know what cryo looks like, or even is, for that matter. I'm not thawing and pooling any more, B cryo is expensive and difficult to obtain, I'm not detroying ten units because you don't know what a clot looks like.

Nurse: I need to talk to your supervisor!

The nurse talked to my supervisor and frankly my supervisor is an idiot, She just wanted to appease the stupid nurse and waste a ton of product. It took every single tech working that night to tell her how stupid that was. It really worries me when a nurse doesn't really have any background information about what she's putting into a patient, it's really no different than if she were to push a drug without knowing the side effects or even generally what it looked like, according to the FDA blood products and drugs are basically the same thing.

Sometimes I wonder about these nurses, I don't mean to put down all nurses because our facility has some great ones, but we're also big enough that we have some WEEEETAAAAARDED ones. I hope I never get sick enough to be admitted, I've been a dick over the phone so many times that I know all the nurses would gang up and let me die.

Man I hope I don't have an email from one of the "important people" about this. The last time I had a problem in blood bank it involved a hospital vice-president that they called in at 3 in the morning, boy was that fun!

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