Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My boss is stuuuupid

I know this is only a small silly example of her stupidity/blind following of pseudo-regulations, but I'll share it with you regardless.

In our chemistry department we have three centrifuges, Two older, larger capacity centrifuges that run for 8 minutes, then we have a slightly smaller centrifuge that runs for 6 minutes. The smaller one is designed to be our stat centrifuge. and because we spent a ludicrous amount of money on it, we are to use it every time we have an ER.

That's all well and good unless your boss is a retard. I walked by the centrifuges to see if I could grab any samples that were just coming down. I see the stat centrifuge running with 5 minutes remaining. I see another ER sitting on top of the centrifuge while the other two weren't being used. I asked if there was a problem with the older centrifuges and she said; "no I just don't have any routine samples to put in." WTF?

I know in the grand scheme of things it only saves three minutes, but seriously, use you're fucking brain. I have a million stories about her that are much worse, but I thought this was the best example of her lack of critical thinking skills. I just don't get her, She was a salesperson for a major reference lab for the last 15 years, yet somehow that qualifies her to be a shift supervisor at a major trauma center that was voted the number 1 integrated health system in America. Who is she sleeping with?

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