Friday, August 17, 2007

Inspection time

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, not that it really matters all that much, according to blog patrol I really only have three or so regular readers. That doesn't matter to me though. I just write as a release.

Our lab is gettting ready for our CAP inspection. This inspection occurs every four years and they give you plenty of notice. That would lead me, and any normal person to believe we'd have plenty of time to prepare, right?

Evidently, my superiors seem to think it's okay to wait till the last moment to get ready for everything. For example, The floors have somehow become the most important thing in the world. The need to be scrubbed and waxed. I can't explain why it seems to be such an important thing. I can't see a lab being shut down because the floors aren't shiney.

In most places scrubbing and waxing a floor isn't too big of a chore. it can be done in a night. you just clear everything out in the middle of the night and go to work. In a lab, we don't shut down, EVER especially with the doctors who have become increasingly dependent upon lab test as primary means of diagnosis. As important as I Think lab work is I still think that it should be only a means of verifying a diagnosis. As a side note if you go to the doctor and they run a battery of seemingly random tests, They probably have poor diagnosis skills and generally have no idea what's wrong with you. Now, back on topic. The lab managers have decided that they'll get the floor done during second shift, They'll block off an area and try to scrub and wax the floor one small chunk at a time. The only problem is that there are parts of the lab that are vital and have to be accessed all the time. The solution, walk on wet soapy floors while they're scrubbing the floors and then relocate you're entire work station while they wax. Normally I don't bitch if I don't have a better solution, but this time I will. What a waste of time energy and money.

All of this could have been avoided if we were run a little more like the much maligned military. I know this will be a pretty revolutionary concept but here goes. Everyone should clean up their own area and their own mess. Phew, there I said it. I think the earth may shake. Lord knows you don't ask someone with an education to clean. In the army it doesn't matter how well educated you were. You cleaned your own damned area. I hate having to coddle people and worry about whether I've offended them or not. I may actually hate when people worry about offending me more though.

I think I've come to a realization about myself this last week while the computers at work have been down intermitanly. I hate lazy people a whole lot more than incompetent people. At least I can tell an incompetant person to sit in the corner and fiddle their thumbs and be okay with it. A lazy person sucks because you can't really tell them to sit in a corner, They'll get all uppity saying... I know how do all this, don't tell me what to do.

One more side note. Hopefully work will become a little more bearable for me. They're kind of screwing me over but it's better than What I'm doing now. There is a part time position in micro that I've accepted with a higher rate of pay. In order to keep my full time status and benefits I still have to work my current job for the other half of the week. In order to keep my full time hours, though They're making me work at two different rates of pay. How jacked up is that? is that even legal?

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