Sunday, August 19, 2007

What the hell is the pope thinking

Normally I keep my nose out of religious events and the going ons of whatever people decide to believe. This being said I want everyone to know how irresponsible I think the pope is.

I grew up a hard-core practicing catholic, to the point where there is a pretty high profile pro-life award named after my grandfather. I don't go to church too often any longer and I generally don't care what goes on. Recently Rome released a document signed by the pope that in essence declares that the catholic church is the only one true church and that other churches don't have the "keys to salvation" or in essence they're now taking the Pentecostal stance that everyone else is going to hell.

Generally I don't have a problem with them saying that the catholic church is the one true church. I've reasoned that if there is such a thing as one true church of God I honestly believe it's either the Jews or the catholics. The jews, because no matter what christian religion you belong to it's almost universally accepted that the jews are "God's chosen people". The catholics, because They're the only Christian religion who has a direct lineage to Jesus Christ, and the only church That would have the power of the priesthood, or The responsiblilty to act on christ's behalf on earth. I believe he bestowed the priest hood on Peter, who was essentially the first catholic pope.

What I do have a problem with is the undoing of all the work of pope john paul 2. While he was pope There was so much progress made in helping to unite christian religions of the world. I think the point of what the one true church is, becomes a moot point when such an irresponsible comment is made by a man who is supposed to be infallible in matters of morality. I have a hard time believing that God, Assuming there is a God, would be vindictive and would hold people accountable for the fallibility of man. Especially the ability of men to sway the thoughts of others. If you've been a person, An honest, hard working person who have lived their lives with a proper code of ethics, you're not going to hell, whether you have "the keys to salvation" or not.

While I understand in the grand scheme of the world I'm not all that important and I really have no right to question the pope. What I can say, though, is that I think the pope needs to understand his awesome responsibility in leading the worlds largest religion. Making such an inflammatory comment after so much work has been done to unite christian religions is purely and simply irresponsible.

I'm afraid that my church is starting to leave me behind. I'm thinking about becoming a Jew for Jesus. No seriously. look it up.

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