Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ghetto fabulous

I know I've written about this several times, but obviously I need to say this again. I HATE people who use/abuse welfare.

I was in the grocery store the other day and in the checkout line. I was chit chatting with my wife, but trying to sneak a peek at the very attractive woman in front of me. I don't know why, but I find the "high mantinence" chicks extremely attractive. I see nothing wrong with the girls that get all dolled up to go to the store. She was carrying a $800 hand bag and was wearing manolo blahniks. They're really expensive fucking shoes, they probably cost what I make in a month. Don't ask why I even know what they are.

I start talking to her because she was there with her son who was about the same age as mine, and because we were both purchasing the same beer. I know it's a lame excuse. My wife was busy entertaining our little boy so I needed someone to talk to. Grocery store girl tells me that she's a waitress at Denny's and her husband works for a local landscaper cutting grass.

The wheels in my head slowly start creaking. How in the hell can she afford the shit she's wearing waiting tables? I don't think her husband bought it for her, how lucrative can cutting grass be?

I also notice that she's buying only name brand foods. Buying name brand food has always bothered me. I adhere to the theory that for the most part it all tastes the same why spend twice what you need to, just because one company has a marketing budget. I kinda dismissed everything, convinced she has rich parents or a sugar daddy.

Later, I hear her tell the cashier she'd like to pay for her Sam Adams seperately. This seems a little funny to me, so I look up just to see how much she's spent. Her total was 206.49 and her cart wasn't even full, then, I look a little further down the screen and notice the words "EFT payment". She just bought all this shit with fucking food stamps but she can afford shoes that cost $2500 and an $800 hand bag. This is some fucked up shit.

I have about $150 left at the end of each month after all the bills are paid and we've done our grocery shopping. I qualify for food stamps but don't get them, I could also have the government buy formula for my kid. If I were to take government assistance I could save $800 bucks a month.

Unfortunatly, for me, I have something called pride, and a christian work ethic. I've given up hope for all humanity. I pretty much fucking hate everyone. Am I the only person not getting free money from the government? Where exactly does all this money come from anyway? I realize most of us pay taxes but if a huge percentage of the population is getting a check for more than they pay in taxes and others are getting back more money from tax refunds than they put in, What money is the government using for this.

Pretty soon people will realize that the money we have is no more valuable than monopoly money, the government seems to give it out at will with no regard for where it's coming from, or inflation. I realize this is a little off topic but seriously, where the fuck is all this money coming from?

I hope I never see the grocery store lady again, but if I do, I'll forget that my mother taught me it was wrong to hit women. I'll punch her right in the face, steal her shoes and send them to The charming hedonist.


Real Live Lesbian said...

If they're a size 9.5...I'd like to be in the running.

That's just wrong. I hope she scuffs her heels.

The Charming Hedonist said...

I heart Manolos. But I want to kick that woman in the face.

Anonymous said...

It's coming from the huge corporations that it's fashionable for people to hate.

rob rob the party slob said...

fashionable to hate?.... nah I don't think anyone has influenced my disdain for the world... I think I just don't like people.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Well, we can at least all rest comfortably knowing the system will certainly not change after the next election... matter who wins it. :)


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