Monday, January 28, 2008

Heaven's hotties

My buddy Dave is 40 and single. Recently a few friends suggested he should try meeting a nice girl in church. I think it's a good idea. Who doesn't love a sweet innocent church girl.

This got me to thinking. We researched all of the churches within a mile from his house. What we really wanted to know was how many attractive young ladies attended that church. I could find no such information. So POW! an idea hit like a ton of bricks. a site to rate local churches based on the percentage of attractive young women at each service.

I haven't really hashed out any details. That's where you, my faithful readers come in. I need ideas. How do I compile this information without doing all the legwork myself? I also envision a wikipedia esque format that will allow users who attend those churches to update information at their own church. Any ideas would be great.

Ideally, I could use this site to collect information from all my readers, unfortunately not enough people read my site. That's where you come in. If any of you have bigger blogs with more readers please let people know about what I'm trying to do. I can accumulate stats one reader/church at a time.

I could really see this thing getting huge and extending to schools, and neighborhoods and towns. I just need a little help collecting data. Either send this post to people, link to it, or give me some stats about you're own church. Go ahead fill up the mailbox

Think Trip Adviser for churches, with a little sex thrown in for spice


Ian Thomas Healy said...


I think some people might take exception to such a plan (I'm not against it myself). And with some churches (I'm not going to say which, but I'm sure you know), the interests will run closer to the availability of altar boys...


rob rob the party slob said...

yeah I know some people might be pissed off. But it's meant to be marketed toward single guys. If I'm looking for a new church I might as well know which one's have the best looking women. Why not look at some eye candy while getting your jesus on. I guess I haven't really thought about the gay community though. I don't think you can be openly gay in most churches... can you?

The Charming Hedonist said...

You're going to spend a little time in hell for this. I'll be throwing a party there; you can bring the ice.

rob rob the party slob said...

The joy of being catholic is that you spend time in purgatory to wash little iniquities like this away.... hooray for catholics... maybe I can go see father liam from sassy's blog If he'll forgive her he can certainly forgive me