Monday, January 21, 2008

What I really think Of MLK day

I hate that I always have to preface my posts. I always come off like an immoral jerk, or just a hateful bastard. Nonetheless, I'll do it again. I want everyone to know I support equality, but not having a day reserved to remember one man. I don't have any personal problems with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but I do want everyone to know what I think of the day set aside to remember him.

I'll start off with the question that I think of most frequently when I think about MLK. What exactly did he do that was so extraordinary? He was a powerful and eloquent speaker and led freedom marches. Other than that, I don't know what I can say about the man. He believed he was being treated as less than an equal in his community. He stood up for the belief that equality was a intrinsic right. I agree, I believe that all human beings should be treated equally. I also believe I'd stand up for my own rights in much the same way. I don't think it was an incredible feat to bring media attention to the fact he felt he and the rest of the black community were being treated unfairly. I know I would have, and still would, say something if I felt my rights were being violated, I think you would as well.

Alot of pundits like to bring up several moral and ethical indiscretions he may have committed. The indiscretions include adultery, plagiarism, and communist involvement. As much I'd like to be able to say those things don't matter, I have to take a realistic view of the world. When history looks back on my life, will it only remember the good things, or will the world remember all of my faults? I know my faults will be remembered, so why are we so quick to forget his? I can't, simply because mine won't be forgotten. I realize that everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has a federal holiday to remember their lives. I just don't think we should look through rose colored glasses.

Many people will label me a racist because MLK is seen almost as a demi-God in this country. Nothing can be said in a critical light. To me it's as if the federal government feels as though it needs to appease the black community in some way. I believe that we should have a day that reminds us of the fact that all men are created equally, I just don't believe it should be named after MLK, that it should be something almost exclusively black, or that is should be something done to simply appease a demographic. It should be a true celebration of all Sexes, creeds, races, sexual orientations, or anything else that makes anyone a "minority". We should be remembering that our ancestors didn't have it as easy as we do and that The fight for true equality is NEVER over.

I really just want people to take a step back and really examine the world for a second. Too much is made of the differences between races, when in fact we need to remember all the similarities. We need to remember the struggles of every race and generation. We shouldn't single out a day or a month to remember something exclusively as black history, or black civil rights. We need to remind ourselves each day of everything our ancestors accomplished, and not take that for granted.

For all of you white power jackasses that thought this was going to be an anti black post; Fuck you, and to all the black power jackasses; I wish to lend you the same phrase Fuck you. Just remember that life is a struggle for everyone. Do some research and ask yourself is MLK really worthy of his own federal holiday? Is this a man that did anything I wouldn't have done for my own civil rights? If you come to the conclusion that he does, fine. Just think of how many more bullshit holiday's we really should be recognizing too.

While I don't want to tarnish the legacy of what MLK has been made into, I still feel as though he's overly praised. I also think the "Idea" of MLK is far greater than the man himself. Maybe we need the "Idea" of a civil rights leader more than we need to celebrate the man himself.


Anonymous said...

fuck you too, ass kisser

rob rob the party slob said...

I'm not sure who's ass I kissed but I must be important if I have my very first hater.

The Charming Hedonist said...

I happen to ageree with most of this. But, we have a day for a white supremist rapist who didn't even discover this country too, so, "he didn't really do anything" may not be the best argument. You have an anonymous hater. I have an anonyomous prude....spooky.

rob rob the party slob said...

I assume you were/or talking about columbus. I totally agree. I had even more harsh words for him. but I wasn't trying to say he didn't do anything, just nothing I wouldn't do, or any self respecting person. and I was kinda curious as to who you're anonymous prude was.