Thursday, June 7, 2007


While it has become a little cliche to "have a cause", I guess this is mine right now. While I do support the basic premise of why we're supposed to be in iraq, I have little faith in "the liberation of iraq and the prevention of genocide." being the only reason we're there. I do believe we're doing lots of good. I understand that there are huge benefits to have an oil producing democratic ally in the middle east. Yes, we're getting something out of ousting a sadaam. I'm okay with that.

In all fairness, if we say we're a country that supports democratic ideals and has a presidency that's willing to help oppressed people, we need to take a long hard look at what's going on in sudan. I understand that there are no economic or militaristic benefits to having a democratic ally in Northern Africa, what I don't understand is how we can allow what's going on in sudan to happen and the national media, government, and for the most part the american public, don't say a word.

I'm not advocating police action, although sometimes that is the only effective course of action. All I'm trying to build here is awareness, just understand what's going on over there. If the presidency wants to build a facade of an altruistic government intent only on doing the right thing in the international community we need to press the issue of darfur.

Don't get me wrong. For the most part. I like president bush, I know that doesn't seem to be popular amongst people in my age group and financial bracket, But in all honesty I think he's handled the the most things pretty well. I do think we stretched a little when we went into iraq. I am, however, pleased that we had an "action" oriented president in office that didn't waste too much time after the sept 11 attacks. I think we needed someone with kind of a "cowboy" attitude in office at the time.

Anyway I've gotten a little off topic. please check out the site I linked to on the side of my page. I'm sorry I don't know how to imbed links yet. if anyone actually reads this thing and knows, please tell me.

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