Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't ring the damned bell

As you know I work in a lab. In this lab is a large window. In this window is a little bell. This little bell has caused more headaches for me than anything else in the last five years of my life. Yes, it's a shiny little bell, NO you don't have to ring it. If I'm standing right in front of you and you're handing me a specimin to process; don't ring the fucking bell and give me a shit eating grin. Thank you. Exactly how old are we. we're all healthcare professionals and most of us have a college degree. Why, oh why, must you ring my bell. Is it really THAT entertaining? While we're at it don't ring the bell even if no one has helped you. 99% of the people who come to my window know the protocol, you probably don't need help just drop your non-stat specimin at the window and we'll get to it when we have time. you don't need me to coddle you and tell you that you're doing the right thing. guess what just happened?... that little fucking bell... this better be good.

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