Monday, June 18, 2007

Remember where you came from

There are days I genuinely lose a little faith in the world. I lower my expectations for how people should act, I lower my expectations for what people should be accountable for. In other words the lack of good decent hard working people in the world kills just a little bit of me each day. Then I hear stories of random acts of kindness it renews my faith and affirmation that people are generally good and want to do good. I read a story of what Charles grant did for some ladies and it went like this

In Saints camp on the last day of the off season program, defensive end Charles Grant called over the club's vice president of communications, Greg Bensel, handed him a wad of $100 bills -- 20 to be exact -- and told him he wanted to buy lunch for all the women who work in the team offices. "Can you make it happen?'' Grant asked Bensel. He did, handing the $2,000 to GM Mickey Loomis' administrative assistant, who organized the luncheon field trip for the 20 women in the building. Way to remember where you came from, Charles.

While this isn't some great charity work, it does tell me one thing. That some people really do remember where they came from. It made me smile to know that a few people like to share the wealth and good fortune they've had with others. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to "remember where they come from." This doesn't just mean wealthy people giving back, it means so much more. Why do people think they can treat strangers with disrespect just because of who they are.

Don't call my lab demanding things, Don't call me unwilling to admit any fault, Don't talk to me if you can't understand that a mistake on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Don't treat waiters and waitress like crap because they serve you food. Don't talk down to or demean The people that work at the stores you go to. Please, everyone, realize that no matter how small or unimportant you think your job is, or you think someone else's job is, they are, in some way a vital part of the way society works (assuming you're not a worthless bum that collects welfare without a job and pops out kids for the hell of it) . Think about how inconvenient it would be for you to do things that you take for granted. Maybe these things are things that you can afford to pay other people to do. The general thought I really want to get across is please, don't forget where you're from. Would you parents, grandparents, kids, grand kids, or anyone that looks to you for guidance be proud of you and your actions.

I haven't always been proud of everything I've ever done but as a whole I've never forgotten where I'm from. Through the extreme highs, and extreme lows. Why is it so hard for people to stay grounded? Anyway, I realize that no one really reads my blog, but if you do come across it just let me know if you've heard of a random act of kindness. It makes me smile a little. Sometimes just a little smile is worth so much in an otherwise cartoon life.

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