Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Off The deep end.

Yesterday was my 100th post and I didn't even realize it.... not too good considering I've been around for about 2 years now. that's almost one per week.

Anyway, I realize that I talk about how much I hate my job and my boss entirely too much, but yet again, she amazes me so I have to share my thoughts and feelings to keep from donkey punching her. I'm convinced she's not naturally mean spirited, just too dumb to know she's being a bitch.

I think the issue that she and I have is that she views my kindness as weakness. I'm a much different person today than I was just a few years ago. I've beaten a man with a baseball bat to within an inch of his life, I've pointed a rifle and fired at someone with the sole intent to end their life, I've destroyed peoples lives with malicious intent. If I were me three years ago I would have her cowering in fear, crying in a corner of our lab curled up in the fetal position. She's lucky I'm not that person anymore.

One of my personality flaws is that I can take a little thing and blow it way out of proportion, and I can take perceived slights to heart. One small issue can ruin my whole day/night. I shouldn't let it, and knowing that I can recognize that in myself, I really should do something about it. Too bad I can't seem to.

I'm sure you're wondering exactly what happened and I'll tell you. Our ER has a habit of screwing up orders, they'll cancel the wrong tests, order the wrong test, cancel things, and reorder them, then just send down the mess to us to figure it out. Just so you know, we don't have a magic box that tells us what you want regardless of what you think. So we got sent down two requisitions, one had several tests and the other had two tests that were also included on the first set. Our specimen processor decides she can discard one of the reqs because it had duplicate orders on it. The only way for me to know to look for a test or to make sure it's running, is if these tests get logged into our lab, it's impossible to look up every single patient individually in the computer and ensure things are correct. Well, the ER decided to cancel the duplicate orders on the original req, but still include it in what they sent down, and then reorder what they wanted. so basically it was a mess that didn't get dealt with to their satisfaction, the tests they originally cancelled didn't get completed because our specimen processor decided to discard what she thought was an extra label.

The patient's testing was delaying, and surely her dispo as well, you could probably logically conclude that fault could be divided equally be between the ER and our processor. That is, if you're a normal person, not my boss, She pulled me aside and tried to lecture me about ensuring I complete all tests yada yada yada.... making zero sense. All I could do is walk away. She has a tendency to "correct" me because everyone else on my shift at some point in time has blown up at her, I guess she figures since I haven't yet that I must be weak and that I won't stand up for myself. Frankly, like everyone else in this economy I need my job but I wonder how much bullshit I'll deal with before I tell her to fuck herself.

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