Friday, May 25, 2007


I guess since most of my links are to other blogs that have something to do with the service industry I guess I should write something about waiting tables/bartending. I think I'll just write a few pet peaves

Biggest pet peaves among co workers

A friend of mine who had been working at a bar for years and years once told me that most places have a core group of two or three people who keep the place running and the rest are just eye candy. I think this is sooo true. it's been that way every single place I've ever worked at. and you can guess which side I was on if I'm bitching about it. I was raised to believe that no matter how menial a task is, you do it to the best of your ability. Be professional even if you are a college student just wanting to bartend so you can drink while you work

Biggest pet peave among customers

Boy could this be a million things. I've been unfortunate enough to work a few higher end places in cities with people who didn't understand that you pay for atmosphere and quality. and that white zin isn't anything other than kool aid with alchohol. If I hand you a bill don't ever try to get free shit by complaining about not knowing how much something is. The price is either on the menu or you knew what kind of place you were walking in to. Don't be a cheap ass. I remember as a college student going into a place called morton's steak house in crystal city and paying 80 bucks for a steak... (they didn't have prices on their menu's) ya know what I had to grin and bear it because I knew exactly what type of place it was

Biggest pet peave among owners

This one also involves being cheap. As an owner don't make employees pay for broken dishes, don't charge for simple add-ons, don't charge for modifications. One specific thing that an employer did really really pissed me off. In the city I was working you couldn't be in a bar/club until you were 21 there are well as a restaraunt owner he didn't have to abide by this because his food sales were much higher than his alchohol sales. He'd clear all the tables out of the place and rent it out to sororities and fraternities for formals just to make an extra five hundred bucks. he could sell booze to the over 21 crowd and so he made some money. here's the problem with that. He wouldn't tell his bartenders till the day of so when you thought you'd be getting done at 11 1130 at the latest... you'd actually be there till 4 in the morning cleaning up the fucking mess these idiots left behind. We all know that drunk college kids have no respect for anything or anyone. It really didn't help that after having to deal with 200 fraternity dip shits and they're dumbass well vodka plus whatever they could think of drinks my tip jar generally had about 8 bucks in it... oh and one more don't pay your bartenders 2.13 an hour the only way they can make that money up is by sliding drinks or basically stealing from you. (not that I condone that in any way)

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