Monday, July 30, 2007

My bubble

I'm normally a pretty out going and likeable guy. That being said; Don't fucking touch me. No, really, I'm a nice guy. I just don't like to be touched or smacked or patted on the back or punched in the arm. If I don't know you please don't randomly give me a hug.

Ptbg has decided recently that it's okay to slap me across the across the arm or to kinda back hand my stomach after she says something usually when she thinks she's said something funny, which by the way, probably wasn't funny. I don't know about you, but at work I just don't find this acceptable behavior. Especially if I've made it clear I don't particularly like you.

Ptbg announced to everyone she was taking 2 weeks off to go on a cruise and then take her son to college in minnesota. I announced how I thought that individuals, especially ones, who aren't fully (or in her case even partially) trained should just up and take a vacation after being at a job for less than 3 months. She responded by playfully slapping me on the shoulder and saying "you're just jealous."( No, bitch, I'm not jealous I just think you'll become even more useless.) I Think this is a good time to tell her not to invade my bubble, at work my personal space is just that, my personal space.

Evidently she thought I was joking and spent the rest of the night marking on me with pens or rubber stamps or just generally finding ways to touch me inappropriately (not that there is any appropriate way for her to touch me). It's been a few weeks now and she hasn't stopped. I've even sat her down to talk to her like a 2 year old and say "this isn't appropriate work behavior, we're not buddies, don't touch me."

At what point would I need to get my boss involved? when exactly is a situation supposed to get so unbearable that you have to enlist outside help. Maybe I should say that it's sexual harassment and she'll be fired. I honestly think that she just creates more work than she completes. I think I'm going to start a new revolution of men filing sexual harassment claims. Maybe I'll get a big paycheck. I'm the only male in the group I work with, and The next three people above me in the chain of command are all women. Hmmm I'm starting to believe this could work. The first pay day is always the biggest, I'll be the first male to successfully sue a company for sexual harassment. Or has it already been done?

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Anonymous said...

It's already been done, sorry. :)