Thursday, July 5, 2007

My coworkers part II

This is the second installment of the "my coworkers" series. In this blog I will write about the infamous "pass the buck girl" referred to as PTBG from now on. The PTBG always finds a way to pass her work on to you or someone else. Somehow, she conveys and image of competence to her boss but enough incompetence to her coworkers that they're willing to just complete her work for her.

We've all been in a situation where PTBG comes up to you and asks "Can you help me with this?" then proceeds to leave the project laying on your desk or whatever work surface area you're using. After awhile, naturally, you get tired of this so you decide the show PTBG how to complete said task so that at least from that point forward she won't ask for your help with that. Good idea, right?... WRONG What occurs next is either the manifestation of complete genius covered up extremely well, or It's a moment that you honestly wonder if they are mentally handicapped. All of a sudden They don't remember how to do anything. Even simple tasks, like step 1: log onto computer. What you've all read is ptbg's go-to move. Feigning ignorance, I can't count how many times I've been so frustrated with they're stated lack of knowledge that I just give up and realize I'll be able to accomplish more by myself.

My particular version of PTBG is particularly bad because she's has never shown competence in ANYTHING. So you can't call her out. It's possible that she really is just kind of slow. Unfortunately I work in a place that regularly does charity hires. I'm not saying this because I think everyone I work with are mentally handicapped (althought it is a possibility with a few). I'm saying it because that's what actually happens. They hire people with mental defects to do what are supposed to be menial tasks. These "menial tasks" somehow, end up being the most important things in the world. It's amazing how fucked up your work flow can get because of one stupid mistake, that could have been avoided by hiring qualified applicants.

My PTBG hasn't been working here too long, so I guess I'm not allowed to get overly frustrated with her yet. I recognize that I'm overqualified for my job. This means that not everyone I work with will have the same knowledge or ability to learn as I do. Honestly, though, I think we could do a little better than plucking a 40 something year old career cafeteria worker and putting her in a medical lab.

While I do hate the "piddler" I might hate PTBG even more. The piddler creates more work for me, as does ptbg girl, but the most apparent trait difference is that the piddler will do work if you stay on top of her and she knows someone is watching. It doesn't matter how much you stay on top of PTBG, she'll always just frustrate the hell out of you, to the point where you'll just say "fuck it, I'll do it myself."

Side rant about ptbg: If you ask me if it's okay to do something and I reply "Other people do it, but I wouldn't do it, it seems dishonest" That doesn't mean sure, do whatever the fuck you want. One last thing, I love when you say "You're not my boss." Please continue to to act like a 12 year old retard, so that When I am your boss I have plenty of examples of why you should be let go.

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