Thursday, September 13, 2007


Are hot girls the only one's to get raped? I know this seems like an odd question but it's something that ran through my mind last night. I realize that the "experts" say rape is an exercise in power and rarely has anything to do with sex, but honestly, If I were to rape a girl I think I'd want her to be hot. Why ruine my exercise in power by raping an ugly girl.

This thought came to me after a conversation I had at work.

Piddler: "T and I Are going to the mental ward to pick up a urine specimin."

Me: "Since when does it take two people to walk over there? do you need to hold each other's hand?"

Piddler: "We can't go out by ourselves since someone got jumped in the parking lot last year, there was a work memo"

Me: "That's what the tunnel is for" side note; the building they were going to was less than 100 yards away from the main hospital

Piddler: "That takes too long"

At this point in the conversation I gave up on trying to rationalize. But if I were to have made points this is what they'd be

1. The building is 100 yards away in a lit parking lot
2. If you feel uncomfortable going out by yourself after dark we have an locked underground tunnel system
3. Neither of you are worth raping.

I know that last one seems a bit harsh, maybe I can clarify a bit. I guess what I mean is if I were to abduct and rape someone is sure as hell better be worth my time. Neither of these women are what you'd call ugly but they're sure as hell not what you'd call hot either. Definitely not worth going to jail for an extended period of time.

I guess I've kinda gotten away from the original question though. Are hot girls the only one's that get raped? Are all rapists mental cases that attack with seemingly no rhyme or reason? or do they think it out enough to say; Hey if I'm going to jail she'd better be hot?

I think I'm just sick and tired of working with women it's so damned frustrating. Also I miss the army. There is none of this male-female bullshit. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier they all get the same shit details and they all do tasks just becasue they've been told to do so.

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