Friday, September 28, 2007

Continuity of back woods thoughts.

Anyone who knows me or even reads my blog knows that I'm not exactly a sensitive guy. It's just not me. I have no problem with attacking someone's deficiencies but I think it's wrong to group an entire race, creed, or anything else. Anytime I give someone shit or attack them it's purely for behavioral or work ethic deficiencies.

PTBG girl decided to use the term "Indian giver" several times last night and when I tried to correct her, she just didn't get why it could possibly be bad. Here's why; you're associating negative connotations with an entire group of people, Native americans, Indians, or whatever we're calling them these days for the sake of political correctness.

I tried to compare "indian giver" with "nigger rigged" to make my point. She just didn't seem to get it. It doesn't matter what race you're associating with negative ideas, it's still wrong. "It's not even close to the same thing" says PTBG. It's exactly the same thing. Just like V over at violent acres points out, while I may not be offended by any of the terms myself I'm still able to recognize that's they're unprofessional at work. The things you do, and the shit you teach your children at home are you're own business. Just don't bring that crap to work.

I think the part that really pisses me off, is that any time I visit friends in large cities there's a thought that I'm "back woods" with stupid ass ideas about race and they way the world works. Because of idiots like PTBG anyone born in a small town in missouri is going to be considered a back woods hill-billy. I'm well educated and professional. I'm tired of having to deal with small town back woods idiots that think it's okay to say things like "indian giver" or "nigger rigged" or "porch monkey".

It's time to move back to the big city. Except this time I have a little ball and chain keeping me from moving how and when I want. Damned kids, That little shit better realize how lucky he is that I love him so much. .


Johnny Virgil said...

I always thought it was giving something with the expectation of a reciprocal gift, a native american custom. This is interesting:

rob rob the party slob said...

thanks for sending me that link but I think you're only wanting to look at hyde's definition. I think for the most part if you ask people what the term "indian giver" there are negative connotations. Also ptbg girl used "indian giver" in it's traditional sense, giving something only to demand it back. I'm not saying I understand why or how the term came about. I'm just saying for the most back woods hill billys like ptbg it has a negative meaning