Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gallup pole

For those of you in the medical field you know what these gallup poles are. For the rest of you, it's basically just a survey about how you feel about your work environment. It's pretty damned cheesy and a waste of time.

I thought I'd give you a couple of examples of the questions that were asked most of which were areas we performed poorly in.

1. I have a best friend at work

This has to be a joke. What's weird is that my particular area scored well below the hospital's average for this question. I guess we really do hate each other. The last time I checked you're at work to work not to make "best friends". While I understand the value of being cordial it's stupid to think you'd have a "best friend at work

Our average 3.29 out of 5
Hospital average 3.92 out of five

2. In the last seven days I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.

Again we're at work to work not to coddle each other. Jesus fucking Christ, if you need a pat on the back every time you take a shit find a new line of work, you work at a hospital where one mistake can and will get you fired. Just be glad you still have a job.

Our average 2.79
Hospital average 3.75

3. My supervisor or someone at work seems to care about me as a person.

The last time I checked it wasn't my supervisor's job to make sure I'm cared about. My supervisors do a good job of making sure I have the shit I need to do my job and they always have my schedule out weeks in advance what more can you ask for. I don't care about them as a person. Why should they care about me.

4. At work my opinions seem to count.

Why the fuck does everyone need so much coddling? The last time I checked there were people who were paid to think, and people who were paid to "DO". Leave it at that. Quit thinking you're more important than you are. You're not gonna cure AIDS so shut the fuck up.

Our average 3.07
Hospital Average 3.68

I'm sick and fucking tired of being told I have to be sensitive and care about people's feelings at work. If you do good work I won't chastise you. If you're lazy stupid or slow. I'm going to give you so much shit you'll want to kill yourself.

One last side rant:
Don't ever tell me how to raise my kid. I had my 7 month old come visit me for lunch. I came back with a banana stain on my scrubs because I was holding him and feeding him. Piddler decides to give me a lecture about how gross it was and that she thought my little boy would catch something. Guess what bitch, it helps him to build immunities. The last time I checked I didn't have a little pimply faced allergic to everything in the world little ass wipe of a kid. Don't give me advice about how I take care of my child when you haven't won any mother of the year awards. Need I remind you, you're the same stupid bitch who came to work for a party on your day off with your kids and basically let them run free in the lab and asked someone to watch them while you ran to get some ice? Now that's bad parenting, not feeding my kid with my scrubs on.

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